Man Touch!!!
I want to say up front that there is no more annoying sports team in the entire world then Duke Blue Devil basketball. So it was not to my surprise when I went to my source for "unusual sports stats" that I found the following results.  They have overwhelming leads in the following college basketball categories:
1.) Most unnecessary floor slaps feigning aggressive unwilling to bend defense followed by a chicken shit flop to draw an offensive foul.
2.) Most tears immediately following a game ending buzzer.
3.) Most elongated man hugs following important wins.
4.) Most initiated cheap shots in order to induce retaliation and then a grammy worthy reaction to draw technical and intentional fouls on opponents.
5.) Most assistant coaches
6.) Most assistant coaches who incite the crowd with arm waving and over exaggerated emotional outburst.
7.) Most white guys with terrible hair cuts.
8.) Most blatant pushes in the back while garnering rebounds
9.) Most incredulous reactions to obvious foul calls.
10.) Most unnecessary huddles held outside of time out situations


10/03/2012 13:09

Your blog looked so simple to design that I decided to create one, thanks!

01/17/2013 15:17

No problem. Glad we could be of inspiration.


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