My good friends over at The Nobody from Indy blog spot have kindly asked ol' Tom Hammer to participate in a good old fashioned town hall, tea party, type Q&A around important matters concerning the NBA.  Click on their blog link above to see the opening post.  My first segment of responses will be posted soon and I will repost them here for our loyal readership.

As I commented, "I just appreciate the opportunity to wax nostalgic and talk about the good ol’ days of the NBA when the shooting %’s were higher then the players and the shorts tighter then the cheerleaders and groupies.

In the event my email server crashes, Bill Walton and I will send smoke signals from the tee-pee in his back yard. Look forward to the friendly banter and as Patrick “Buck” Ewing once said and I quote, “She fondled my junk, I got aroused and she performed oral sex. Then I left.”


03/06/2010 07:23

Good post for the NBA guys. I am just waiting for your post.

09/26/2013 11:19

How do you signup for a blog from Weebly?


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