Hey folks, once again our content has been as intermittent as a 80 year old piss stream due to an enlarged prostate!!!  That said, we promise to ramp up our effort.  Apparently becoming a full time professional gambler, holding down a "regular" job and trying to tie off all 15 of your  new years resolutions proves to create a time crunch.  That said, it isn't lost on us that a lot of you readers are completely paralyzed in your day to day as you don't have fresh content from our esteemed lifestyle consultants to keep you going.  That can and will change.

To start with, let me provide a link to the newest and best blog on the internet from a high esteemed bohogan.com contributor.  The Nobody from Indywill be a definite bookmark and frequently visited resource for all bohogan consultants.

We all have some ideas to do some back and forth, to and fro', mano-emano type banter!!  It will be rich and compelling.

BTW, I want to clear up a few things under FAQ.  #1, Yes, Bohogan.com is pager friendly.  #2, Masturbating on a plan is not illegal is just is frowned upon.


09/11/2012 09:34

I stumbled on this from Google and wanted to say thanks for posting


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